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Operation Masks is a nonprofit created by a group of entrepreneurs in healthcare, technology, and logistics who want to contribute to the fight against COVID-19

Supporting Our Healthcare Heroes

The COVID-19 crisis has caused an unprecedented strain on the complex global supply chain upon which healthcare providers everywhere rely. Today in the United States, millions of men and women serving on the frontlines of the crisis face a dire shortage of critical equipment.

Not only does this endanger them and their families, it also hinders their ability to effectively provide care for us all. We decided to help get them the protective gear they need as they fight this pandemic.

Protective equipment shortage in the U.S.

The lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) at U.S. hospitals is critical. We have set up the relationships to get PPE such as masks and gloves from payment to factory procurement to shipping to ground delivery to hospitals, with the help of our partners at Flexport, Deliverr, and Echo.

If you are a hospital or provider in need, please sign up for supplies here. And if you are willing to donate, every dollar donated goes towards masks for doctors, nurses, and other emergency workers.

Note: Operation Masks is currently only serving federal agencies, state governments, and hospitals in the United States

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We strictly monitor quality directly with manufacturers

Operation Masks has boots on the ground at the source of manufacturing. We quality check each supplier to ensure PPE buyers are protected from the rampant fraud that is prevelant around the world. Integrity is fundamental to our culture and the way we run our organization.


Words that keep us inspired

"Cities like New York, with their budget and size can place a million-dollar order without much worry. Here in Hawaii, we simply don't have that buying power, and we would be devastated if the masks turned out to be counterfeit or the deal fell through. That's where Operation Masks came in for us. Robin and his team were able to use their connections and leverage to not only secure a deal for us, but personally verify the quality and set favorable terms for us. We are so unbelievably relieved to have their support."
- Cathy Ross, Department of Health, State of Hawaii
“We are so grateful to Operation Masks for making these allocations available to smaller organizations like ours and for all the incredible work their team is doing to secure this much needed PPE for healthcare providers.”
- Lisa Norris, WelbeHealth, Los Angeles
“Thank you for the excellent quality face shields. As a small family office we don't have the same access to PPE that every healthcare worker needs and we're so grateful that Operation Masks is making that available to us so quickly.”
- Dr. Peter Lok, Lok Acupuncture Clinic, Las Vegas
“We are not normally in the need to purchase PPE. However, since facilities we normally work with are short in these areas, we have been searching so that our Anesthesiologist and CRNAs are covered. This is a HUGE help!”
- Kim Lesh, Director of Risk and Quality, North Star Anesthesia


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